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For the past 135 years, the Toshiba brand has been a name that's stood for excellence in electronics.

Recognised as a world leader and innovator in pioneering high technology, Toshiba aims to be a globally trusted enterprise through their manufacturing, marketing and distribution of electrical products.

The main businesses for the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation are amongst consumer products, electronic devices, and associated components, including TVs, Blu-ray and DVD equipment.

Toshiba was founded when two much older companies merged in 1939. Hisashige Tanaka, nicknamed "the genius of mechanical wonders" teamed with Ichisuke Fujioka, known as the Japanese Edison, to form the Tokyo Shibaura Electric Company.

In 1978, the company officially renamed itself to become the Toshiba the world knows today, but its dedication to quality, craftsmanship and value haven't changed. Toshiba's historical focus on research and development has brought countless new ideas to life since 1939, with the company being responsible for developing many revolutionary technologies that have benefitted the world.

Ideas like incandescent lamps, X-ray tubes and radio transmission tubes, double coil light bulbs, cathode ray tubes, transistor televisions, notebook computers, and possibly most importantly, radar, all evolved through the company.

Toshiba has shaped our modern technology in so many ways, practically every person in the world has been affected by their innovation.

Bosses claim they are totally committed to people and the future, and aspire to create products and services that enhance everyday human life.

The Tokyo based company is fully engaged in environmental protection and has made a commitment to reducing the impact of its activities on global warming. They work on the development of environmentally conscious products and promote recycling of old equipment.

In 2007 Toshiba introduced audio visual (AV) products into the Australian marketplace. This expansion consolidated the company's IT and AV technology offerings and places Toshiba as a key player in the Australian computing and home entertainment market.

Striving to create a richer quality of living for their customers, Toshiba's consumer products carry on this tradition of innovation, developing cutting-edge technologies such as the 8-gigabit flash memory chip and the first HD-DVD players.

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