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Sharp is at the cutting edge of technology design, recognised as one of the leading electronics companies in the world.

At the forefront of its range are its LCD panels, and Sharp has made point of making products "that other companies want to imitate". Sharp Corporation has a long history of creating breakthrough products designed to meet the needs of people living in Australia and around the world.

The company launched with just three employees in 1912, and within 12 years they had started designing the first generation of Japanese radio sets from their base in Osaka.

Sharp televisions began production in 1953 and since then the company has gone from strength to strength in its pursuit of technological innovation. The company's premium LCD TVs are sold under the Sharp Aquos brand, and offer full HD and 3D possibilities.

Sharp bosses pride themselves in continuing to make a contribution to the Australian society by bringing "innovative solutions" to everyday life.

Sharp has a focus on green business, and has set out a vision to develop environment-and-health-related ideas with energy-saving and energy-creating equipment at the core.

The main two ideals behind the Sharp Corporation are "sincerity and creativity", which keep them striving for genuine satisfaction at work, while trying to make a meaningful contribution to society.

And their products take the home entertainment experience to a new level. They provide a broad range featuring the highest-quality picture and sound performance through the latest technologies, including LED backlight, Integrated Blu-ray Players and 100Hz.

Today, Sharp Corporation of Australia employs approximately 180 staff Australia wide, and continues to be appealing to every segment of the market.

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