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3D projectors offer the ultimate movie experience - the immersive cinema effect brought into the intimate home setting.

Delivered on a grand scale, the eye-popping 3D effects will come alive as they should, with gorgeous Full High Definition clarity and super smooth action.

Supplied with the best 3D projectors from leading brands Panasonic, Sharp and Sonic, Big Brown Box offers you the best way to see your favourite 3D movie.

As with all 3D Projectors, you will be required to wear 'active shutter glasses' - an extremely popular, light-weight and effective technology.

In this case, a projector sends out two slightly different images, in a rapid alternating sequence, each intended only for the left or right eye.

The active shutter glasses sync wirelessly with this sequence, "shuttering" each eye in turn so it only sees the image intended for it. The result - a brilliantly, super smooth 3D effect.

Built for easy installation and with whisper-quiet operation, these projectors will put you into a world of mind-blowing 3D entertainment.

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