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Plasma TVs set the standard in rich colour and sharp picture quality - and at Big Brown Box, we offer a fantastic range from leading brands LG, Panasonic and Samsung.

Embrace the best in home entertainment, enjoying up to full 1080p HD resolution, built-in digital tuners, multi HDMI inputs, wireless capability, and eco-friendly, energy saving options.

We offer optional extended warranties on our Plasmas and free delivery is also available.

What is a Plasma TV?

Basically, a plasma display panel incorporates thousands of small, luminous cells positioned between two plates of glass. Each cell contains a combination of inert gases, which become luminous when subject to an electrical charge. This charge is controlled by a processor in the TV, thereby producing the image.

Why would I choose a Plasma rather than a LCD or a LCD/LED Television?

As with LCD and LED, Plasma technology delivers incredible images from sleek, light-weight units.

As a general rule, Plasmas deliver the best black levels, more colour depth and better response times than LCD and LED televisions.

If you like watching fast-paced sport and movie action on a big screen.

Are there any disadvantages to a Plasma Television?

Plasma TVs have a reputation for image retention or 'burn-in' caused by uneven aging of the phosphor in the plasma screen - but the truth is this is less of an issue with newer models.

Still, where possible avoid prolonged displays of stationary images you may get from the web, computer graphics, menus from DVD players, or when you pause a movie. Turning down the contrast and brightness will also help.

What's the difference between High Definition and Full High Definition 1080p?

High definition offers a greatly enhanced image and sound quality compared to standard definition.

Full High Definition Plasma televisions provide a picture resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels using the progressive scan method (hence the "p" in 1080p). Full HD is the only way to enjoy all the clarity and vibrancy from high definition game consoles and Blu-Ray discs - and Plasma TVs are generally regarded as the best at delivering it.

High Definition televisions will downscale 1080p input to fit the slightly inferior resolution they offer (often 1366 x 768). However, it's still much higher resolution than a standard TV.

Can I watch 3D content on a Plasma?

You can now enjoy the experience of cinema style 3D vision from the comfort of your home - and yes, select 3D-capable Plasmas delivers the goods in style.

In fact, Plasma is generally preferred over LCD and LED to watch 3D content. The choice mainly focusses on the fact Plasma 3D TVs do not suffer from any of the problems associated with 3D TV refresh rates. LCD displays have a finite refresh for each pixel, while plasmas manage it almost instantaneously - thereby avoiding ghosting and blurring in fast motion videos.

Check out Big Brown Box's range of 3D-capable Plasmas.

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