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Big Brown Box offers you an awesome selection of LCD TVs from leading brands LG, Palsonic, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TCL and Toshiba.

Embrace the stunning clarity of High Definition and discover a host of great features - our range offers everything from built-in DVD players to internet connectivity.

We offer an optional extended warranty service on LCD TV purchases as well as free delivery.

What does LCD stand for?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display - referring to the matrix of liquid crystal cells in your screen. Once backlit, they are subjected to current which allows the crystals to pass or block light - thus creating an image.

Not only does it create superb images with razor-shape clarity and lustrous colours, this compact, lightweight technology has also spawned a generation of flat panel TVs which are thin, light, large and durable.

What's best for you - Plasma or LCD Television?

Each option has its plusses and minuses.

LCD televisions currently have the advantage over Plasma in terms of cooler running temps and lower energy usage. LCD TVs also don't have the same tendency to suffer from image burn-in - Plasma screens can sometimes "retain" an image which has been still or frozen on-screen for too long.

On the other hand, the traditional consensus has been that Plasmas tend to generate the superior image. However, with improvements to newer LCD models a lot of the differences in this regard (eg in their handling of fast-paced movie or sport scenes) are negligible.

What's the difference between High Definition and Full High Definition 1080p?

High definition offers a greatly enhanced image and sound quality compared to standard definition.

Full High Definition LCD televisions provides a picture resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels using the progressive scan method (hence the "p" in 1080p). Full HD is the only way to enjoy all the clarity and vibrancy from high definition game consoles and Blu-Ray discs.

High Definition televisions will downscale 1080p input to fit the slightly inferior resolution they offer (often 1366 x 768). However, it's still much higher resolution than a standard TV.

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