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Big Brown Box offers a superb range of DVD players, recorders and home theatre systems from leading brands Palsonic, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. Discover great features like HD upscaling, twin digital receivers for simultaneous recording and built-in hard drives with huge storage capacities.

We offer optional extended warranties on our DVD products and free delivery is available.

Why is the DVD still so popular?

Despite the introduction of Blu-ray a lot of people still opt to buy a DVD player. And for good reason.

For a start, they tend to be cheaper than Blu-ray. And for the price you pay, the image quality is very good.

The library of DVD releases is considerably larger than Blu-ray as well - which may be an issue particularly for those looking for more obscure titles.

So can I get a high-definition screen resolution from my DVD player?

Not quite. The best image resolution they offer is 720x480 (480p) resolution. Very good - but not as good as Blu-ray - which can deliver Full High Definition 1920 x 1080p resolution.

Hang on - what about HD DVD?

There were High Definition DVDs capable of Full HD 1080p but that format has been discontinued since 2008.

What is multi-format playback?

This is a capability to play formats other than DVDs. Multi-format players can be compatible with CDs, MP3s, DVD audio, DVD-R/DVD-RAM, CD-R/RW, and WMA. Compatibility will vary between models - so make sure you check the specifications before your purchase.

What are DVD region codes?

DVD region codes enable film distributors to restrict the "zone" in which DVD can be played. This allows them to manage the DVD release for each region, letting them control details such as release date, price and content according to each zone. Australia is in Region 4. Players and discs generally prominently identify which region they are.

What is progressive scan - and whats so great about it?

The alternative to interlaced scanning - the latter being the norm for VHS VCRs, Camcorders and television broadcasts.

If you think of a television screen image as broken into lines of video, then interlaced scanning decodes the odd numbered lines (1,3,5 etc), then the even numbered lines (2,4,6 etc), ultimately pairing these two "fields" to create a single frame.

In progressive scanning, the DVD player decodes the lines line by line (1, 2, 3, 4...). Without the delay between the two fields, you get a clearer picture and smoother action.

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