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Blu-ray players have brought added audio and video definition to home theatre systems.

View programmes and movies in cinema quality from the comfort of your sofa while also enjoying an expansive range of multimedia content.

Big Brown Box stocks Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and Toshiba Blu-ray players to give you plenty of options of how to enhance your entertainment experience.

High definition and 3D possibilities mean you can convert your standard 2D discs and programmes into the highest image quality available. HD picture upscaling gives you a prefect picture every time, whether you are watching back films, home movies or holiday snaps.

Built in Wi-Fi in some models allows you access to an array of interactive features such as online content, stored computer files and data from your MP3 player, camera or camcorder. You'll be able to stay connected with the world thanks to the ability to link up with Skype, YouTube, and social networking websites.

The complete Blu-ray home theatre systems incorporate advanced audio technology and ultimate playback features to give you a wholly immersive way of watching TV.

Lower end models still come with a commitment to high-definition display, while top-of-the-range designs are sure to revolutionise your viewing time in any room.

So utilise all your music, video and photo content on your TV with a Blu-ray player bought from Big Brown Box.